Modernize Your SOC

Optimize Security Operations by Automating Threat Detection, Investigation and Response

Bringing Autonomous Cybersecurity to Life


Cybersecurity on Autopilot


Virtual Security Engineer

Build threat detection models in minutes with a no-code platform, leverage state of the art AI to create new models at scale autonomously, and gain >99% detection coverage across the cyber kill chain.

Digital Investigator

Prioritize critical alerts and eliminate false positives with automated investigation. Utilize visual timelines along with associated context for automated response and remediation.


Proactive Threat Hunting

Proactively search for undetected threats and anticipate attacks with our AI-driven, no code threat hunting platform and built-in threat intelligence integrations.

Build Unmatched Cyber Defense

Full Spectrum Security

Secure all your applications and data sources to build a robust defense against cyber threats across the entire attack surface and improve your security posture.

Deploy Autonomous Cyber Security

Gain 24x7 security coverage to quickly, accurately and automatically detect and respond to threats in real-time.

Enhance SOC Performance

Automate the SOC lifecycle and mimic cognition of security analysts to augment your security teams with AI-driven cyber security, and increase overall productivity and efficacy.

Driving the Outcomes that Matter







Discover Our Platform

Automate threat detection and response, and maximize the productivity and effectiveness of your security teams.

Provide holistic cloud security and protect your data, applications, and users from any threats in real-time. Continuously assess your cloud security to monitor threats, improve visibility and eliminate blind spots to build an effective enterprise-wide incident response strategy.

Identify threats in real-time with AI-driven models, and make better use of available resources by automating threat detection to save time and money. Proactively find and act upon undetected threats with the help of automated models.

Augment your security teams with AI/ML technologies to be quick and accurate in threat detection and remediation. Eliminate noise due to false alerts while focusing on critical risks by effective triaging.

Centralize data flowing in from varied sources such as applications, networks, endpoints, etc., so it can be analyzed to build visual timeliness with associated contexts, making it easier to investigate threats. Leverage the stored data to develop models and proactively hunt for threats.


Customer Praise

  • "For us, incident investigation was a big challenge due to the recent migration of our entire infrastructure into Google Cloud. Cetas seamlessly worked with our team to automate 80% of our manual investigation process."

    CIO, Leading Semiconductor Company
  • “Despite our limited resources, Cetas Cyber has enabled our Security Operations team to act quickly and with confidence. Their AIR platform has not only enhanced our detection capability, but has also improved our existing SIEM and EDR efficacy by reducing our false positive rate by 10x. The time-cost savings has proven to be invaluable for us.”

    CIO, SnapFinance
  • "The ability to correlate multiple datasets with identity analytics helped us detect and act on possible threats during the Russia-Ukraine crisis."

    CISO, Fortune 50 Company
  • "Using the same rules, Cetas Autonomous Incident Responder eliminated 80% of the false positives we were seeing in our existing SIEM."

    SOC Manager, Field Service Management Company

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity also called Information Technology Security is a practice of protecting and securing systems, applications, data, networks, and devices from cyber-attacks. These attacks are intended to be malicious and are aimed at gaining unauthorized access to systems and networks, theft of sensitive information, etc. to extort money or cause disruptions.

What are cybersecurity solutions?

Cybersecurity solutions are technologies and services that help safeguard businesses from cyberattacks that cause risks like business disruption, reputation damage, data theft, application downtime, etc.

What is autonomous cybersecurity?

Autonomous Cybersecurity is the application of the most advanced AI/ML technologies to automate cyber threat detection, response, and remediation enhancing cyber defense. Cyber threats are evolving at an unimaginable pace and autonomous cybersecurity is an effective way to handle these complex and increasingly sophisticated attacks.

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The Cetas Autonomous Incident Responder is the premier cloud-native Extended Security Intelligence and Automation Management (XSIAM) platform for protecting cloud workloads and SaaS applications.

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Message From Our Founder

"Any solution should be able to find known attack patterns once the attack is underway. Only Cetas can predict and take action to prevent a compromise before it happens; even for previously unknown attack patterns. Other vendors look for bad activity in the light. We also venture into the dark."

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