Self-driven Cyber Security Powered by AI

The Cetas Autonomous Incident Responder is the premier cloud-native Extended Security Intelligence and Automation Management (XSIAM) platform for protecting cloud workloads and SaaS applications.

  • "For us, incident investigation was a big challenge due to the recent migration of our entire infrastructure into Google Cloud. Cetas seamlessly worked with our team to automate 80% of our manual investigation process."

    CIO, Leading Semiconductor Company
  • “Despite our limited resources, Cetas Cyber has enabled our Security Operations team to act quickly and with confidence. Their AIR platform has not only enhanced our detection capability, but has also improved our existing SIEM and EDR efficacy by reducing our false positive rate by 10x. The time-cost savings has proven to be invaluable for us.”

    CIO, SnapFinance

Cloud Native Solution That Supports Cloud & On-Premise Integration

Cetas AIR is a cloud native solution that supports both cloud and on-premise integrations with the ability to ingest and parse logs from a variety of data sources.

The product ships with many ready-to-use connectors to get event data from a wide variety of well-known products and systems.

These out-of-the-box connectors allow AIR to quickly turn raw event data into meaningful insights that are ready for analyst action.

See data sheet for list of available connectors.


Accuracy of Detection & Alert Fatigue Reduction

Possibly the biggest challenge Security Operations teams face is alert fatigue due to very high false positive rates.

This creates an unmanageable volume of noise for analysts to sift through, thus impeding their ability to detect and remediate issues quickly.

With machine learning, AIR can improve alert efficacy by suppressing probabilistically benign alerts. This reduction in noise enables your SOC to respond confidently and quickly.


Identity & Access Management Focused

With the ability to integrate with a variety of IAM platforms, AIR is capable of monitoring and analyzing access levels and entitlements for business-critical cloud resources and SaaS applications.

Key use-cases include: dormant access/entitlements, privileged access misuse, unwanted access/entitlements, unused access/entitlements, orphan accounts, access abuse and more.


Detection Capabilities Using Rarity and Spike Models Enhanced by ML Algorithms

AIR can make critical detections using a combination of heuristics, spike and rarity models to provide complete coverage across critical cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications.

By using Bayesian networks, clustering, and a meta-heuristic based genetic algorithm, AIR can filter out the noise of false positives to ensure you are looking at what truly matters.


360-Degree Entity Visibility
(Users, Hosts, Files, IP Addresses & Applications)

AIR is able to create and display relationships between these dispersed entities to provide greater context for incident prioritization.

This complete view of each entity automates the process of connecting the dots in what would otherwise be a tedious, manual investigation.


Detailed & Qualitative Threat Content Library

An alert is only as good as it is explainable which is why AIR maps all of its models to compliance and threat frameworks such as MITRE and NIST.

Even the most complex ML model can provide easy to understand alerts when suitably explained and mapped using well-known frameworks, controls, and terminology.

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Cloud-Native XSIAM

  • Automated correlation across Cloud, SaaS and other critical application telemetry to create a single, actionable incident

  • Explainable alerts mapped to MITRE frameworks for network, SaaS, Cloud and Kubernetes to enable rapid response

  • Assess current environment to detect account compromise, command-and-control, lateral movement, data exfiltration and ransomware


Digital Threat Hunter (vSOC)

  • Automated detection and response capability

  • Explainable alerts mapped to MITRE frameworks for network, SaaS, Cloud and Kubernetes to enable rapid response

  • Self-service, no-code capability to quickly identify rare behavior based on chosen data source

  • Lowers the Barrier to Threat Hunting

Logging & Monitoring Efficacy

  • 360-degree visibility of all important entities and assets within a single virtual glass pane

  • Inisights on configurations of existing tools in order to get maximum ROI on current investment

  • Intuitive monitoring that captures high value metrics


Continuous Compliance

  • Security Operations efficacy assessment

  • AI-driven efficacy assessment for SIEM, EDR, and Identity & Access Management

  • Executive reporting detailing SOC efficiency

  • MSSP assessment

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    “Many security teams have over-invested in a plethora of tools. As a result, they are also suffering from alert fatigue and multiple console complexity and facing the challenges in recruiting and retaining security operations analysts with the right set of skills and expertise to effectively use all those tools.”

    – Gartner

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    “92% of attacks are not detected. 86% of the time relevant alerts are available.”

    – Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report

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    “The complexity and cost of buying and running SIEM products, as well as the emergence of other security analytics technologies, have driven interest in alternative approaches to collecting and analyzing event data to identify and respond to advanced attacks.”

    – Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management

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