Threat Hunting

Make Threat Hunting Easy and Accurate

Cyber threat detection can be reactive, companies need to be proactive in looking out and searching continuously performing threat hunting. The existing cyber security layer may not be impenetrable as there is always a new variety of threats that can strike, security teams need to be vigilant and create scenarios and hypotheses to simulate attacks and ensure the security of data sources, applications, and endpoints.

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Comprehensive Threat Hunting

Identify threats in real-time with AI-driven models that analyze and correlate data across various sources, determine adversarial patterns, and develop contexts to precisely identify threats. All while leveraging built-in threat intelligence integrations to enhance capability.

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Improved Detection and Remediation

Optimize resource utilization with automated threat hunting, and save time invested in building complicated threat hunting models, training, and maintenance. Improve efficiency and productivity while reducing overall costs and increasing the speed of remediation processes.

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Uncover Threats

Find and act on threats by analyzing patterns, improving detection, and actively hunting threats by leveraging automated models.

Optimize Threat Identification, Detection and Remediation

No Code Threat Hunting

Make threat hunting easy with our no-code platform that uses simple drag and drop actions to create pattern detection and/or historical user behavior models for a wide range of use cases.

Autonomous Model Creation

Our advanced AI autonomously creates models using deep genetic algorithms that predict and prevent threats with enhanced speed and accuracy. It filters and sorts alerts based on risk scores, and simultaneously reduces noise and false positives.

Improved Threat Identification

Our solution analyzes and correlates data from multiple sources to identify patterns and narratives with complete context to identify threats and trigger response actions.