Company Overview

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and with team members located across the USA and India, Cetas is a leader in AI-based incident-detection.

The word cetas derives from Sanskrit and means to give consciousness. We apply it by teaching our AI how to think like a conscious human security analyst.

Here at Cetas, we have stood at the front-line to witness the plague that is false positives and the inefficiencies in archaic, investigative practices that have enabled it. The seismic explosion in data due to modern cloud-native immutable infrastructure has made it a daunting task to glean the critical signals that constitute the fine line between a secure organization and a breached one. The old-school tactic of spending an unfathomable amount of money on a roster of static tools, all firing uncorrelated alerts, is not suited to keep up with the rigor of today’s threat landscape.

As executives and practitioners from multi-billion-dollar organizations that have tried this method, we anecdotally and quantifiably understand the nature of this regressive approach. To fight this war against false positives, Cetas strives to be the “central nervous system” of cybersecurity operations, able to learn and cut through noise in order to provide confidence-inducing, actionable alerts for both modern infrastructure needs as well as the constantly evolving AI-driven technology stack of the future.


Our goal is to enable enterprises to greatly improve their speed to insights, and insights to action. Just as a pilot will rely on autopilot for 90% of the flight but will sometimes need to manually navigate turbulence or land the plane safely, our priority is to facilitate the optimal symbiosis between analyst and system. While our detection engine will find that needle in the data haystack, and our orchestration capability can prevent and resolve most incidents, sometimes someone still needs to verify or execute the remediation. This cooperation between man and machine is the key to a secure enterprise, and has been our guiding principle since day one.

After observing the problems and challenges related to incident response due to alert overload and analyst fatigue, our founders knew there was a better way. By combining our expertise in machine learning, data science, user experience and security domain knowledge we created a set of proven security models and AI algorithms guaranteed to provide analysts with the best and most accurate information available. This means almost zero false positives, which means less alerts, less wasted time and less analyst fatigue. Anything our system turns up is actionable.

Job Postings

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Job Title Location
Java Developer India
UI/UX Designer India
Data Scientist USA or India
Enterprise Sales Director USA
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3260 Hillview Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94304

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