Autonomous Cybersecurity Platform

Simplify Security Operations and Alleviate the Burden on Your SOC Teams by Automating Threat Detection, Hunting, and Response

Built by Incident Responders for Incident Responders

Reinvent Security Operations

Security Built on Smart Data

Harness the vast telemetry data to build a secure foundation and make intelligent data-driven cybersecurity decisions. Normalize and enrich data ingested from any source to perform advanced analytics to design cyber defense strategies that are efficient and cost-effective.

Accurate Detection and Rapid Response

Gain round-the-clock security cover by automating threat detection, and response powered by self-learning AI. Build and deploy autonomous detection models rapidly and at scale to counter threats. Automatically prioritize threats, eliminate false positives and help your security teams to save time and improve efficiency.

Prepared to Protect

Continuously discover threats, vulnerabilities, and exposures across endpoints, networks, and software and be prepared to handle threats originating from any direction across the attack surface. Use no-code threat hunting to uncover hidden threats, proactively build strong cybersecurity defense and easily create detection models based on scenario anticipation to be secure from future attacks.

Optimize SOC Operations With Intelligent Autonomous Threat Detection and Response

Autonomous Model Creation

Gain 360° coverage by creating autonomous models that are developed in minutes by leveraging deep genetic algorithms that can self-learn, train themselves using feedback, order based on their effectiveness, and automatically activate when relevant threats are encountered.


No-Code Approach

Simplify security operations with the no-code platform that helps build models quickly and easily without needing coding expertise, which helps to save time, effort, and costs. Create complex models by simple drag and drop actions and enable security analysts to focus on high-value tasks improving their overall productivity. Extend reach using pre-built threat intelligence integrations.

Intelligent and Instant Threat Detection

Secure the entire IT ecosystem with automated threat detection and response in real-time and tackle threats emerging from any source. Swiftly identify critical alerts with automated risk scoring and eliminate false positives, allowing SOC analysts to be effective and efficient.


Contextually Aware Security

Gain better visibility on incidents and events with the help of visual timelines and be contextually aware to make well-informed and accurate security decisions. Swiftly identify critical alerts with risk scoring and eliminate false positives with the help of automated investigations. Deploy appropriate remediation tactics immediately following the detection.

Self-learning Models

Augment SOC teams with self-learning AI models and gain uninterrupted security coverage that has the widest possible reach. Improve overall security operations and autonomously defend against cyberattacks. Leverage the self-training ability of the models from the feedback to adapt themselves to the changing threat landscape, consequently saving time and effort.


Accelerated Threat Hunting

Rapidly detect threats by employing AI/ML to correlate data sets, analyze patterns, sort by critical alerts, and eliminate false positives. Save your SOC teams time and effort by allowing them to quickly develop threat-hunting models using the no-code platform.

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