Cloud Security

Secure Your Cloud Data and Applications

With digital transformation accelerated companies are moving to the cloud more rapidly than ever to leverage scalability, flexibility, and cost benefits to help their business grow. As cloud adoption grows the attack surface widens and it becomes imperative for the companies to secure their cloud infrastructure, data, and applications.

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Unified Cloud Security

Provide robust holistic cloud security across your infrastructure and protect your data, applications and users from any threats in real-time and adhere to compliance.

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Pre-empt Threats

Monitor cyber threats and perform continuous cloud security assessment to mitigate risks, detect issues, and respond immediately.

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Extend Cloud Security

Improve visibility across the threat landscape to eliminate blind spots and build an effective enterprise-wide incident response strategy.

Deploy Robust and Reliable Cloud Security

Create Autonomous Models

Build comprehensive security and mitigate cloud computing risks by leveraging autonomous model creation driven by AI to expand attack surface coverage.

Detection and Prioritization

Detect threats and breaches with continuous risk assessment. Prioritize based on risk scoring and identify the criticality.

Auto Investigation and Contextual Awareness

Automatically investigate threats, and build visual timelines along with context. Eliminate false positives while focusing on critical alerts and respond with an auto-remediation mechanism upon identification.