AI/ML for Detection and Investigation

Deploy AI/ML to Automate Threat Detection and Response

A SOC team can only do so much with numerous security alerts flowing in every day. It becomes humanly impossible to sift through alerts, anticipate permutations and combinations of scenarios, build models and be forever vigilant to respond. An AI/ML-based approach is a game-changer for security teams and helps them to substantially increase their efficiency in identifying threats, responding, and enforcing an air-tight security layer.

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Augment Your Security Teams

Enable your teams to focus on addressing critical security issues by automating threat detection and investigation, reducing false alerts, and effectively triaging to identify the real threats.

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Efficient Detection

Use AI to simulate scenarios and build models, taking away the overhead of building complex models and having to trigger them in the event of a matching threat, making threat detection an effective process.

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Fast and Accurate Response

Reduce MTTR and act on threats immediately with an automated triaging and response mechanism that is triggered upon quickly analyzing the threat scenarios, nature, and origin to then deploy appropriate AI-built models.

AI-Driven Security Round the Clock

Virtual Security Team

Security engineers can utilize detection models created by AI leveraging ML-based deep genetic algorithms to cover ends of the attack surface and provide round-the-clock security.

Decrease Noise

Reduce noise created by false positives by employing an AI-driven noise reduction engine to decrease alert fatigue and prioritize critical alerts.

Digital Investigator

Enable incident responders to perform root cause analysis, and contextual correlation leading up to the forensic investigation of threats, and boost incident response.