Managed Security Services

Cyber Security as a Service

The cyber security landscape is constantly evolving, and the type and the nature of the threats are evolving too. Cyber-attacks are no longer sporadic events, they are continuous and consistent. Oorganizations have to be on the watch and be prepared all the time to defend themselves.


Cyber Security Excellence, Delivered

Cetas Cyber delivers comprehensive cyber security managed services to detect and respond to threats, mitigate risks and keep you secure from future attacks. The winning combination of our technology and expert analysts will help you fill the security gaps, be prudent with expenses, and make operations seamless so that you can be carefree about disruptions due to attacks and focus on what is important to your business.

Proactive Detection

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Threat Intelligence

It can be overwhelming to deal with data and alerts coming in from a multitude of intelligence feeds across the threat landscape leaving you unable to prioritize and act. Our expert security professionals will help collect and analyze data with advanced technology and methods to identify the nature and pattern of the threats and the threat actors and formulate proactive defense techniques.

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Threat Hunting

Modern threats are evasive, go undetected, and pose serious risks to businesses. Our threat hunting experts help you proactively hunt for these threats by conducting thorough searches across endpoints, networks, and data sources. By validating the findings and providing actionable guidance, potential harm is mitigated.

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Threat Prediction

In today’s dynamic threat landscape it is not enough to identify the active attacks that are trying to breach your systems and networks. Our security professionals help you proactively predict future threats that may be directed toward your organization, helping you prevent attacks even before they happen.

Managed Detection and Response

Security Engineering

Cyber attackers are always on the lookout for ways to gain entry into your digital ecosystem. These malicious actors make use of the exposures and vulnerabilities to gain access and compromise defenses. Our security professionals will help you stay one step ahead of cyber criminals by creating rules and building models to strengthen your defenses and improve your response actions.

Threat Investigation

Investigating threats can be tedious and time-consuming, causing your team to consume a lot of their bandwidth and resources in conducting investigations. Our expert SOC analysts with advanced tools and technologies will help you investigate threats, alerts, and actors to accelerate your remediation processes by reducing the response time.

Incident Response

Your security team already has a tough task at hand of making sure you are secured from cyber attacks. In addition, they can be inundated with tons of alerts being flagged from every direction. Our team of skilled security professionals with help you draw up a robust incident response strategy. Our experts will augment yours as a quick incident response squad to support you in the event of an attack with precise analysis, investigations, and remediation, minimizing disruptions.


Security Operations

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With increased volume, velocity, and variety of security data, it is a challenge for companies to store and process it and create something actionable. Our team of experienced security analysts will help you collect and compile data streamed from any source. This data can be of events, logs, or alerts into a specialized data lake, fetched and processed at lightning speeds to draw insights and then translate them to actions.

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Monitoring cyber threats is crucial to cyber risk management. Suspicious events and actors should always be watched and the attacks should be thwarted before they can cause damage to your business. Our analysts will help you monitor threats emerging from any network or endpoints round the clock and throughout the year. The expert team will mitigate issues by identifying threats using AI for continuous monitoring and help you with real-time threat management and remediation.

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Security teams are always under the pressure to deliver greater results with fewer resources. Our SecOps specialists will help you to maximize your security by assisting in streamlining security operations, and improving your threat detection and remediation capabilities. Each business will have its specific concerns, our specialists will help you design security strategies, create plans and build workflows to secure your business.