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Secure Your Company with Our Autonomous Cyber Security Platform

November 8, 2022

Snap Finance chose Cetas Cyber as their partner to assist them in securing the company after conducting a thorough investigation and review.



Since cybercriminals are progressively automating their attacks against infrastructures that are only partially protected by security solutions, the demand for security operations centers to react quickly to cyberattacks is higher than ever.

Teams tasked with security have struggled to keep up with the ever-changing threats in container workloads and continuous integration/delivery environments.

Many companies are still struggling to cope with the situation and its mounting expenses, even though managed services have become more popular due to this phenomenon.

An organization may increase its usage of these services to get more of its needs.

The last decade has seen the rise of endpoint detection and response (EDR) and extended detection and response (XDR) systems, which have aided defenders in their ability to detect and counteract threats by improving security analytics and providing greater visibility into operational environments.

Within the previous decade, this shift has taken place.

While many businesses already use such capabilities, others still rely on security information and event management (SIEM) systems to gather and store logs that are often utilized for security and compliance.

All too frequently, manual setup of log intake and detection algorithms, as well as manual screening and remediation of warnings, is required of SIEMs.

XSIAM hopes to reduce reliance on human labor and speed up time to value by standardizing and automating security procedures.

Unlike other cutting-edge security systems, XSIAM is not based on an analyst-driven model but intelligent automation.

The software is always in the background, ingesting data from any source and reacting to any warnings or occurrences.

After that, it quickly uses machine learning detection analytics, automatically prepares and enhances the data, and weaves it into security intelligence creatively and effectively.

The alerts are compiled into an incident, then given additional information based on its context.

Commonplace issues are identified, dealt with, and resolved.

The dashboard contains data on all the assets, people, and infrastructure that are being tracked.

Using inline playbooks and embedded automation that learns on its own helps speed up the completion of activities.

XSIAM reduces the burden of analysts across the board, allowing them to concentrate only on the activities that XSIAM cannot do.

Secure your Enterprise with Autonomous Cyber Security Platform: A Case Study of Snap Finance

Even though small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the primary target of cyber attacks (for obvious reasons), nearly 45% of SMEs do not have a cyber security strategy in place due to factors such as a lack of trained resources, a lack of technologies and expertise, and tight budgets.

Since they work in the fintech business, which is a constant target of hackers, Snap Finance prioritized building a solid cyber security layer to safeguard their network and data.

Evidence shows that over half of all cyberattacks target the financial industry.

The Drivers for Simplifying Security

  • Burdened Security Team
A small team managing end-to-end SOC lifecycle

  • Inadequate Visibility & Monitoring
Lack of 360° visibility and round-the-clock monitoring

  • Limited Threat Coverage
A limited number of rules to cover the entire attack surface

  • Alert fatigue & High MTTR
Added stress with too many alerts and the consequent delay in response

The Snap Finance team had its unique set of challenges and concerns, all of which emphasized the need to build an additional security layer stronger than the one already in place.

The obstacles included the difficulty of establishing a fully-fledged in-house SOC team to oversee the totality of security operations, the difficulty of providing round-the-clock monitoring and surveillance, and the difficulty of bridging the competence gap.

The corporation had very specific security goals, the first of which was to maintain the integrity of the current security models, and the second was to extend to cover the ends of the attack surface.

Optimizing Security Operations with Our Autonomous Cyber Security Platform

Snap Finance chose Cetas Cyber as their partner to assist them in securing the company after conducting a thorough investigation and review.

Snap Finance was able to do the following with our services:

1. Quickly scale the number of security models depending on anticipated daily scenarios and successfully gain >99% coverage.

2. Improve triage via link analysis and contextual correlation by consolidating notifications from several applications into a single database.

3. Gain improved control and visibility on security operations along with 24/7 protection while reducing the cost of security operations by using a smaller team.

Benefits of Using Cetas Autonomous Cyber Security Platform

With Cetas's managed services, your business won't have to worry about administrative and maintenance burdens.

Its security operations will run more smoothly, letting you devote more time and energy to solving pressing problems and reacting swiftly to emerging threats.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Reduced Operational Cost & Enhance Productivity
  • Simplified Security with AI-Driven & No Code Platform
  • 10x Threat Coverage & a 90% Reduction in False Positives
  • 24/7 Managed Detection, Investigation & Reporting Service

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